Pebbletec© consists in pebbles eroded naturally by the sea, providing a very natural look and different interior colours for your pool.

A range of pebbles colours, combined with natural oxides in the cement, create a unique variety of water tones. The water colour is produced by the refraction of the light passing through the water and reflecting from the pebble surface.

PebbleTec Artic White de Hidro Sport

Artic White

PebbleTec Caribean Blue de Hidro Sport

Caribean Blue

PebbleTec Rose Lake de Hidro Sport

Rose Lake

PebbleTec Sandy Beach de Hidro Sport

Sandy Beach

PebbleTec Sunset Lagoon de Hidro Sport

Sunset Lagoon

PebbleTec Tropical Jade de Hidro Sport

Tropical Jade

The shades of colours change according the depth of the pool, providing a very natural look.

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