Frequent questions

1. What´s Pebbletec©?

Pebbletec© is a registered finish for pools interiors. Finest selection of pebbles naturally eroded by the sea , extracted under Environment Agencies regulations.

2. Does the colour of Pebbletec© change?

The range of pebble colours, combined with natural oxides for cement creates a unique variety of water tones. Water colour is a result of the reflection of the light in the pebbles surface after passing through the water. The water tone changes according the depth of the pool providing a more natural look.

3. There is guarantee?

Pebbletec© can only be applied by Licensed Authorised Applicators, giving to the customers written guarantees covering 4 years on every job.

4. Does require special maintenance?

It does not requires special maintenance, nor grouting after a time as with the gresite tiles or re-painting.

5. I have a gresite glass tiles pool. Can Pebbletec© be applied?

In this case, it is necessary to remove first the glass tiles before applying the Pebbletec to ensure a perfect and durable finish.

6. What happen with the algaes in the Pebbletec©?

Unlike others material as gresite, algaes can not grow in the Pebbletec© as this material is non porous and it is not possible for them to take roots. You can remove the algaes from the Pebbletec©easily and with no risk of damaging the surface.

7. Is the surface rough?

The size of the pebbles is 3 mm, and the resulting surface it has a very smooth texture and non abrasive at all. It is non slippery and very suitable for walk-in entrances.

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