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1. ¿What is pebbletec?

Pebbletec is a patented interior surface for swimming pools, a quality selection of natural pebble from sea. A range of pebble colours create a unique variety of water tones.

2. I have a swimming pool with gresite, ¿Can I apply pebbletec over to chance its appearance?

Yes, in many case, it doesn´t need to remove the gresite only apply over it an adhesion product and them the pebbletec.

3. ¿Is there a warranty?

Pebbletec is installed only by authorized personal and with licence contract, who will provide a written warranty statement covering of five years.

4. ¿How do I take care of pebbletec pool finish?

It is not different than caring for other finishes, it requires the same maintenance, pebbletec interiors will never need re-grouting as the gresite and neither required maintained for a painted with the time.

5. ¿What happens when algae grows on the pebbletec finish?

The pebbletec is non-porous and the algae can not bond as readily to pebbletec as others conventional finish. It can be easily cleaned without damage to the surface.

6. ¿Does the pebbletec pool vary in colour?

A pool done in this finish is intended to duplicate the natural appearance of a lake or river …, therefore the colour variation is a desired result to give more natural aspect. Water has a tendency to reflect hues and tones depending on sunlight intensity and angle that can depending on the time of day.

7. ¿Is the surface rough?

The surface can be described as “orange peel” smooth with indentions. The stones used in pebbletec are finely screened and naturally tumbled resulting in a bumpy non-abrasive surface. The pebbletec surface is also comfortable for walking in the shallow end.

Hidro Sport is the official supplier and applicator and exclusive brand Pebbletec®.

Pebble Tec® is a registered trademark of Pebble Technology, Inc. Email:

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